How to Become an English Tutor?

May 20, 2023 The Spark Tutoring Team

Careers in the education sector can be both enjoyable and successful options for those who like the idea of working with people of different age groups and teaching them. Specifically, tutoring is a rewarding part of the education career, which is more likely to allow flexibility.

Many students are in need of support to develop their language skills. This means when you are working as a language tutor, you should specialise in the English language to build an education career.

If you want to work as an online English tutor, the technologically advanced world allows you to work even without leaving your home. Thankfully, students get the opportunity to connect with their educators wherever they are in the world.

Online teaching has rapidly become popular as it offers teachers and students a platform to teach and acquire knowledge of various subjects. So, whether online or offline, the need for English teachers is always at its peak.

Who is an English tutor?

An English tutor is one who chooses an educational profession and works with students, whether individually or in groups, to support their learning. Often, students find it difficult to understand lessons taught in their regular classroom. Sometimes, the reason could be shyness to question or difficulty adapting to the teaching method. English tutors come in help as primary teachers or as a guide for the students taking classes elsewhere.

English tutors may be employees of an organisation that searches for tutors to match them with students. Otherwise, they might have an individual agreement with each student. As a tutor, the option to work spreads from working in one’s own country or choosing to teach abroad. Sometimes, a tutor works in the home country and teaches students virtually from other countries to make the most of it.

What is the work of an English tutor?

An English tutor gives additional support and assistance to students of different age groups in learning English. He might physically meet with the students on a one-on-one basis to provide individualised learning or in small groups and tailor the content of the subjects based on the need of each student.

In this way, an English tutor plans an individualised teaching process that complements the primary classes of the students.

Usually, they assess the learning as well as growth in the subject of the students and work on them following the set goals for lesson planning, developing English skills and delivering instructions. The work of a tutor also involves communicating with the guardians of the students or other responsible parties.

How can you become a Tutor in English?

If you want to consider English teaching as a good career option, here are some of the useful steps to follow:

1. Earn your diploma

Typically, English tutors need to have at least a high school diploma, bachelor’s degree or equivalent. If you complete high school with full attention to your studies and classes, it can help you gain success in college as well as an English tutor.

2. Good knowledge of your English skills

During and after post-preliminary studies, it is crucial to hone your skill in the English Language. You can try reading a variety of genres and writings frequently. In addition, take extra coursework if you find that helpful. Work together with a partner or coach to be sure that you have good conversation skills and are ready for your role as an English tutor.

There are several courses that teach you how to provide guidance and support to the students in order to build a good rapport, teach grammar and refresh their English vocabulary.

3. Pursue further education

Many tutors often require a bachelor’s degree in addition to their diploma certificate, primarily when they work with an organisation. Therefore, consider pursuing a degree from a college or a reputed university. Be sure to act mindfully to research factors like available majors, financial aid, tuition fees and more.

Choose to explore the colleges of your locality in-person or other places where you can relocate. Online degree programs are also a good option. Whatever you do, it is better to discuss your plans and options with a trustworthy coach or mentor who can come to your help.

4. Command Over The Subject

When brainstorming on the ways to become an English tutor, remember to have a good knowledge of the subject. Even if English is not your native language, you may get a real insight into the subject. Regardless of the fact that you are a native English speaker or not, you should have an excellent command of the grammar and vocabulary parts.

5. Experience

Your portfolio seems to be more impressive if it has some kind of teaching experience. Whether you worked in a school or tutoring company earlier, you can add that experience to your portfolio to start giving classes to learners.

6. Decide On The Type of Employment Structure

Explore the roles with organisations that team tutors with the learners and consider your interest in teaching students individually. It depends on your choice of what type of employment structure suits you right.

English tutor skills

To become a successful English tutor, it is primarily essential to have some skills that can help in providing support in students’ interaction, their growth assessment, delivering English language content, and excellently engaging their interest in the lessons you cover.

Below are some of those specific skills that help every English tutor gain success in their teaching career:

  • English language acquisition
  • Communication
  • Active listening
  • Patience
  • Flexibility
  • Organisation
  • Lesson planning