Best GCSE Revision Apps

April 2, 2023 The Spark Tutoring Team

Are you preparing for the GCSE or General Certificate of Secondary Education exam? You revise your lessons for better performance at the end of your preparation. Some students feel that only 2 to 3 hours of daily revision will be enough for them. On the other hand, many others like to revise for extra hours. However, without proper revision, you may not be able to perform well. If you are struggling to revise your chapters, you can take advantage of GCSE apps. Let us make a list of the most popular GCSE websites and apps.


Designed for both iOS and Android users, Adapt is an innovative app for GCSE candidates. The main purpose of the app is to help you create a perfect timetable for regular revision. You can easily decide on what you should review. It also enables you to understand whether you have progressed with your preparation. The app displays the topics that are yet to study. You may also reschedule your study if you have not read a particular chapter. What’s more, homework planning becomes easy with this app. The best fact is that it lets you interact with other candidates and participate in joint study sessions.


EdPlace is another reliable app for SAT and GCSE aspirants. You can revise the subjects like Science, Math, and English to secure a high grade.

The mobile app presents you with more than 1000 practice papers, worksheets, and other interactive tutorials. Although the app is free to install, you can buy a subscription to get access to more activities. Everything is based on National Curriculum so that you will be familiar with real exam-like question papers. Besides, the automatic assignment of topics will save you effort. Depending on your needs, you can also set your goals using the app.

BBC Bitesize

Are you already aware of the broadcasting channel BBC? But now you have to download the BBC Bitesize app for GCSE exam revision. This platform has a vast amount of resources, such as online lessons and guides. With the best use of these resources, you can secure higher marks.

Furthermore, quizzes, lessons, and videos will make complicated concepts easier. Especially students 14 to 16 years old use the app for various exams like TGAU, GCSE, and National 4 and 5.

The app is aptly named Bitesize because you can break the large lesson into bite-sized lessons. You can also use the web version of the platform.


If you are looking for a language revision app for your GCSE exam, you can install Memrise. Learning a new language is stressful for a student. That is why language specialists have worked together to create this unique app. Your language learning sessions will give you fun. Languages covered by Memrise are Italian, English, Danish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Mongolian, and many more.

Native speakers have created videos to help you learn everything about the language. This approach is better and faster than audio clips and normal books. You can watch the gestures and body language of the speaker. So, you will learn how to speak your chosen language to communicate with others.

The best fact is that you can boost your vocabulary with more practice.


Quizlet is an AI-driven website to simplify your GCSE revision process. AI has started dominating the digital world. So you can also find its presence in the educational app Quizlet. You can create flashcards for better revision. When you are dealing with complicated concepts, Quizlet is a perfect choice, with vast revision resources.


The aim of creating this platform is to make you smarter in your GCSE preparation approach. GCSEPod creators have given you access to several audio-visual tutorials. If you prefer cognitive learning solutions, you can rely on GCSEPod. Creating custom playlists is another exciting feature of the app. Based on your needs, you can create revision sessions on your own.

Arc Maths

Even if you have a Math teacher for your GCSE exam, you should not avoid installing Arc Maths. Math revision becomes easy with this innovative and thoughtful app. You will also be able to learn about new topics related to Math. The app will assign everyday Math workouts. Whenever you start a Math session, you will need to attempt 12 questions. These questions may be from different topics. So, you can test yourself using the app.

After attempting the given questions, you can check the results. The app displays the right and wrong answers. You may also try out more questions to strengthen your Mathematical skills.


GoStudent is another reputable platform that has connected several learners and tutors. GoStudent tutors are ready to help you in preparing for the GCSE exam. You can create a customised learning plan. The tutors know the syllabus and encourage you to perform well. As a new user, you may choose a free trial of tutoring sessions.

Do you now like to revise your GCSE lessons using digital technologies? You can choose any of these apps to make your revision easier and better. Check the features of the apps and install the best ones.

Although these apps are helpful, you should take some other approaches for your revision. For instance, revision with friends is a good idea, as it saves time and effort. Besides, it is also essential to take a break while doing revisions for the GCSE exam.